Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Recap

 Five days after New Years I finally decide its about time I get around to blogging about what we did. I had some trouble uploading photos and I'm feeling mighty lazy these days, so sorry the photos are pretty crap.

For New Years Eve a friend invited Moto and I to celebrate at their house, followed by a countdown at Shibuya crossing. For the occasion I baked some sweet potato biscuits and made a huge salad. The biscuits turned out more cookie like, but there wasn't a crumb left at the end of the evening, so I'm presuming everyone enjoyed them. :)

There were about 20+  people at Mary's place and after dinner we piled into her living room with our beverages of choice and started a game of.....I have no idea what the game is called.

Sticky paper is plastered on everyone's forehead and you have to guess who you are. Bob Dylan took forever to figure out who he was! He came so close to guessing right and then suddenly he'd choose a another musicians name that started with a B & D. It was hilarious! I am absolutely the worse person at this game! I'm terrible at remembering celebrities names and for some reason I always get someone I'm not familiar with. I got Speed Racer and I still have no idea who Speedy is? Anyone care to explain? You can tell I didn't grow up watching a lot of TV.

After a couple hours of that, it was time to go to Shibuya. We made it just in time before 12AM, but there was no countdown. Instead we ran across Shibuya Scramble each time the light turned green. You'd get about 2 meters before you're smack stuck between thousands of people who are also running across the street for no other reason than just to run across the street. When the lights turn red the police frantically start blowing their whistles ordering everyone to go back to the sidewalks. It was fun, dangerous, and crazy!

Tons of police buses and more then a couple of arrests were made. One guy was dressed only in a speedo and the police took him away for not being properly dressed. ha.

Moto's awesome photography skills after beer and champagne!  There were a lot of people so photo taking was pretty challenging with or without alcohol. After we got tired of running into crowds of people we made our way to a bar. I was too tired to do much photo taking, but I enjoyed my half priced drinks and made our way home around 2:30AM. Exhausted! I some how managed to wake up early the next morning for a run and yoga. A good way to detox and start the year fresh that's for sure!

Sunday morning I was ready to take it easy! Grabbed a simple breakfast and parked myself infront of the TV to watch Hakone Ekiden.

The absolutely best way to start the New Years in my opinon - watch people run on TV for 6 hours straight! Oh, for 2 days as well. Monday morning Motozo and I did the same thing.

It was a very interesting race between Waseda and Toyo. Waseda, the team I was rooting for, won in the end. YAY! The last time Waseda won was 13 years ago, so I was very happy for them!

By the way, for the runners in Japan. If you're ever up in Hakone, go visit the Hakone Ekiden Museum!


  1. omg 6 hours of ppl running, I'm your sister so I get to say it...BORING! LOL
    I remember when we used to go to grands and they'd have this on all the time! New years eve sounds crazy and fun, how nice of the biscuits too!

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