Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Trip Day 3

Oh, dear I'm not sure I can finish posting all the holiday photos. Apparently, I'm totally out of photo space even though I've been shrinking my photos. Darn it! This may be the last post in awhile until I figure out a way to add more photos to the blog without having to pay for more space. Today I was only allowed 7 photos which only covers day 3 of our trip. The rest will have to wait.

Motozo was put on babysitting duties probably by me, but look at him...he looks so pleased and Amelie looks intrigued by whatever he's looking at on the PC. I love this pic!

Day 3 was barbecue day! After a bit of sweat the guys got the fire started on the veranda and I got busy chopping up veggies, skewering, and flavoring them. Lil took care of the meat and sweet potatoes.

Max was a barbecue pro slaving away outside in the heat and smoke. Sorry for the dark shades. I'm too lazy to adjust the photos.

Amelie did an excellent job being cute and entertaining. Look at her stretching her legs! haha

Time for the prawns and sweet potatoes. I didn't photograph the rest of themeat, but there was sausage and other red meat I think all enjoyed by everyone but myself.

The veggies got a little burnt, but I wasn't complaining. We enjoyed our delicious barbecue outside while talking about foreign places we'd like to live in. Thanks for all the work you guys did for us Max and Lil and sorry I broke not 1 but 2 wine glasses (all together 3 wine glasses at the end of the trip!)

After lunch I got a major craving for vegan ice-cream, so sis and I took a walk to the grocery store and picked up a chocolate and vanilla tub which we all enjoyed in the evening while watching an interesting French movie. I can't believe I didn't photograph the ice-cream! The vanilla ice-cream tasted pretty artificial, but being that I haven't had ice-cream in FOREVER I thought it was the most delicious thing. ha. The chocolate ice-cream tasted much better (less artificial) but I'm not a big fan of chocolate flavored ice-cream so it didn't do much for me.

Day 4: Wine tasting in Hunter Valley! Fingers crossed that I can figure out a way to post more photos or else this blog may just have to be abandoned! SOB Sob

Isn't my sister and her baby so cute!


  1. oh ugh about the photos! I pay for flickr just $25 for the entire year and is unlimited as far as I know. Its also easy cuz you can throw all your images into the uploadr thingy.
    great pic of motozo and amelie lol, funny how you kept throwing the baby at him, he did well :D

  2. OMG!!! Amelie is just the cutest thing!!! I haven`t seen photo`s in a few months so this must seem to be strangely old news. Happy to hear you`re doing well.